Inherited Buttons

My sister gave me all her old buttons she had picked up different places, lucky for me she was cleaning out closets. She thought I could sell them in my yard sales? NO WAY they are mine LOL
Here are some of my favorite of the box full she gave me
 LOve the mother of pearl shell buttons
 she had a lot of interesting metal buttons
 I really would like to stay home and play with them this morning but need to get to a grandsons basketball game

Thanks for looking at my newest old buttons



Laurie said…
What a wonderful gift! I know you will enjoy them when you have time to sit and admire these!
Rika said…
Oooh, how wonderful!
Pallas said…
Nice lot of beautiful buttons - I wouldn't sell them either.
primrosesattic said…
Glad you are keeping them they are fab.