Still Playing with Buttons

I found a button I had purchased from a vender at a quilt convention once when I use to go to the quilts shows,before I realized i'm not a quilter just takes entirely to long for me I like instant gratification on projects. I love to embellish material .My favorite color is blue so this button stole my heart
 I made an altered art necklace and have the button attached to the chain  however easy removed and the button not damaged in any way
Are you playing with your button stash any ?  please show them


Jeannie Marie said…
What beautiful buttons! It makes me want to go out on the hunt! Thanks for showing them!
Pallas said…
Oh, that is a beautiful button! I still like going to the quilt shows with my sister who is a quilter, and I always find something to buy from the vendors. I am going to post an entry to my blog about the goodies I bought at the Road 2 California this January.
Laurie said…
That button with the bling is to die for! Thank you for showing us some of your beauties!