Fancier Buttons

I got a candy jar full of some of my fancier buttons out to show a friend of what kind of buttons I am always on the hunt for.I love my mother of pearl buttons and the old colored buttons from the era of 1920's -40's which I have a huge jar full but these are my Donwton Abby buttons LOL

Oh I have seen the last episodes of Downton Abby and it hasn't ruined me watching every week.
I sure hate to see this wonderful show end. Don't these first buttons look like off a Downton Abby dress of MaMaw's

 A mix of delicious buttons
 love black jet glass buttons

 My old favorites heavy metal rhinestone buttons

Thanks for looking I do enjoy this blog about buttons which we have Laurie to thank



Laurie said…
Oh those are all so beautiful I can almost eat them! I love those chunky rhinestone buttons and those colorful swirly ones!
Kathy said…
Your collection is gorgeous!
Lois said…
Love your buttons. It's hard to decide which ones I like the best. Thanks for sharing.