Button sorting

A picture of a peaceful interlude -- sorting buttons from a thrift shop grab bag.
Many were very common, but these are my favorites: above, celluloid in blue and brown, and a chunky black plastic button with inlaid metal.
These "cookie" buttons, older plastic.
Black glass, aurora borealis glass, and a metal button that I particularly liked.
I'm getting emails from participants that their White Christmas Button Books are going out in the mail -- so excited to see and post photos of the results when they are received!


This is fun....Always looking and finding those GEMS!
Love the metal and glass ones = )
Kathy said…
Nothing quite like button sorting for relaxation!
There are some great buttons in that bunch. I don't recall ever finding a bag of buttons at any local thrift stores, but of course I'll keep looking!
I can't resist a bag of buttons from my local charity shops, though they are harders to find these days! You've found some lovely ones there.