Geisha Japanese Button

I am letting go of one of my collector buttons! I have had this button for years and still love it. I just never have used it for any project and thought someone else might have a project for her. It should be a Star at any Button Show.
I purchased it from a button dealer from New York City years ago in Paducah Kentucky at a National Quilt Show, did you ever go to that quilt show?
All I know is it is a silver over brass Geisha Japanese Girl, probably taken off of some royalty garment . She is 2 inch in diameter ,has a small dent on back


                  If any of you know anything else about this button let me now. I had never seen one like it and haven't seen one since . I have never cleaned it with any cleaner                              



jeanga6 said…
Love the button! Actually I love lots of buttons. Glad you found me so that I could find you.
Shirlee Fassell said…
She is lovely! Would look lovely on just the right coat!
Unknown said…

Some lovely Geisha buttons here, but none exactly like yours. If I were going to guess, I think your button might be Victorian. The Victorians had a fascination with all things oriental. Also, it was the period when Europeans were first allowed into Japan.

Michelle James
MS, Textiles, Clothing and Design