Button boxes

I've been on the lookout for more vintage boxes to use as button storage.  The other day, I found one and ordered it from an Etsy seller:
It's a flat, red box made of very heavy paper.  The linen-like cover has a label that says, KB1, Asst. of Push Buttons.  Even though I'm pretty sure they're not talking about sewing buttons, I thought that was fun and rather fitting!
I bought it because of all the cool little compartments inside; here, as you can see, I have begun to fill it with some of my vintage buttons with paste, or rhinestones, or jewels of any kind.  I even put a few in that have little formica flakes; those are called composition buttons.
There's nothing special about these buttons except that they are older.  And that I like them.
They're not valuable, but they are important to me.
I am so loving playing with my buttons!


Unknown said…
What a marvelous box for a button collection. I am getting more buttons also. The swap helped give me some buttons and some ideas. Like that bracelet on the previous post too.
Lynn Holland said…
What a lovely way to play and pass away a day xx
Tee said…
I love your assortment of fabulous buttons! Tee
I have never seen a button box like this before ....what a treasure... I love it! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
Linda said…
stay inside there it is warm and pass the day with buttons-sounds like a good plan. nice box and like the buttons too.
autena said…
Perfect box, and they look so fab in there! But liking them is THE most important thing, isn't it?!

Those are my kind of buttons, and a lucky find on the vintage box, I have several but just plain boxes nothing with slots for gorgeous vintage buttons
Oh, looked through your buttons 3 times, I love them! and to be able to see them.....Priceless, great box!

Ashley cramp said…
I love your button box and all those pretty buttons....I keep mine in jars by colour and size, but the pretty ones I have in a jar marked 'special' - things is I can't bear to use them!!
bestest to you and your buttons
Daisy j
So pretty! Love your new case for all those pretty buttons! I bet they like their new home!! :) xx Holly