Great use of vintage buttons.

Across the hill from me in a lovely bit of Scotland lives a very creative and talented artist who goes by the name of "Highland Fairy". Her motto is "USE it up, wear it OUT, MAKE it do. or DO without!!!"
She specializes in creating one-off, customized, recycled vintage garments and accessories for those who dare to wear them.... she also makes jewellery, does pottery and makes ceramic buttons. I told you she was talented!

 As well as making her own buttons she has a keen eye for finding interesting vintage buttons and I love how she uses them on her textile cuffs.

I like how she uses buttons functionally, for fastening the cuffs, and decoratively as well. She makes such beautiful things from items that other people discard. I find her work inspiring, and I hope you enjoy looking at it too. With her obvious love of buttons I think she must be a natural born "Button Floozie"!

 You can find her on Facebook


My 13 year old likes cuffs. I must remember to show her these pics. I think she'll like the middle one of the second collection, with the smilie face. xx
ImagiMeri said…
Hi Laurie,

These are fantastic, thank you so much for bringing this artist to my attention.

I hope you stop by my blog and check out my current giveaway. All you need to do is sign up to follow and then leave a comment on the appropriate post.

Have a great day!
Jean said…
I have become so interested in making these lately. My 12 year old love them too! I am so thankful you shared!
Anonymous said…
Really cool! Looks like you can let your imagination run wild with these bracelets! ♥♥♥
Sarah Sequins said…
Amazing, clever creations! I love the one with the green sequins.

I love the idea of re-purposing materials to make wearable art. If you don't mind me sharing, here's a cuff I made using a button and some sequins I found at my local creative reuse store!
I am a self confessed button addict too, i make jewellery from them, have my own button tin and played with my grans tin every time we visited as kids lol I have just purchased one of Highland Fairy's cuffs and i'm so excited to wear it, i cant wait. I love wot she does with fabrics and buttons and all sorts of "stuff" others would throw away.Keep up the great work Heidi x Loving finding this blog too via Highland fairy xx
peggy said…
thanks for sharing ... such beauty and inspiration!
peggy said…
thanks for sharing ... such beauty and inspiration!
These are totally awesome cuffs!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
KimMalk said…
These are really great pieces of art!
Plami said…
what a lovely idea! These are precious!

Lynn Holland said…
The cuffs are so inspirational for other projects as well. The colours and textures of each one are a real art form.
Definitely a posting to keep referring back to.
One I Made Earlier Today
DeeDee said…
Oh I so love her work.. this would be a very fun swap for real... :D