Buttons for my peacock!

This Fool's Gold crazy quilting round robin is a special personal challenge and every block has been an adventure in searching for new ways to explore with inexpensive gold materials..

 This block is finished and I've used
7 different gold braids
2 kinds of gold cording
At least a dozen different kinds of gold  glass and metal beads
5 different kinds of gold threads
various gold buttons4 kinds of pearl beads
sequins and crystals

I've posted about the progress of this peacock on my blog: http://olderrose.blogspot.com/


Amazing!!!! This peacock is out of this world!!! Lovely, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
Laurie said…
Wow! That is one fancy bird!
vintage grey said…
This is beautiful! Wow! :) xo Heather
McAnaraks said…
What a great piece of work...it looks like an antique (which is a good thing!)
So beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
Pearl Maple said…
Marilee that is beautiful, you have created something wonderfully unique with all those little trims.
cherry said…
wowowowoowowowow wht a lot of work......the detail is amazing....and of course i lvoe the buttons.
Lynn Holland said…
If you want to see what happened to my buttons pop over to
Have a look at one of the cheeky Doodly Birds did !

This is a lovely blog, thanks for sharing it with so many.
Lynn -:)
Sharon Morrison said…
Just beautiful. So much time, but worth the end results!!
busana muslim said…
WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..