Happy National Button Week -- and a wonderful giveaway from Nina Edwards!

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Nina Edwards, author of On the Button, is here to help us celebrate National Button Week, March 11-18, with a contest for all of us, on her own blog!  Read on:

Hello there, Button Floozies! I can’t tell you how thrilled I was when I found your site. I was in the middle of writing a cultural history of the button, and battling with the ins and outs of industrial production at the time. (How was a threefold made? What was meant by √©glomis√©?) 
Here were like-minded people who delighted in the beauty of even the most ordinary buttons. Who noticed how they could recall the past. Buttons rich in romance, sexy as hell, tenderly sad or sometimes just mad, bad and evidence of brutality.
The first time I really noticed buttons was astride my grandfather’s knee. He was the carthorse - clip-clop, clip-clop - and I was the laughing farmer. My grandfather would pretend to stumble in a ditch, be bitten by a passing wasp, be startled by a lorry, and lurch about extravagantly, so that I would have to grab hold of my misbehaving steed. All I could reach were the buttons on his tweed jacket - large brown buttons they were, just right for a small fist. Like the magic buttons on the ebony horse of the Arabian Nights, I rode on, fearlessly.  These plain buttons are in my button tin today.
What stories occur to you? Why do you love buttons? How do buttons work their magic? There are 3 copies of On the Button for the most evocative and unusual or just plain funny stories, which – if you email them to me/my publisher at tabbs@ibtauris.com – will all be posted on my blog: buttonsandoffal.
(‘Offal’? … but that’s another story)


Buttons are sooo incredible...small essential collectibles with memories attached!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
I'm so glad you visited my blog and left that sweet comment. I'm so happy that people are liking what I am doin'!! I am especially glad you visited because I came to visit you and found this wonderful blog. I have to go through my buttons and see if I have anything amazing I can share with you. And I LOVE the black and white picture in the prior post. Too cute!! I'm your newest follower. So nice to meet you.
Anonymous said…
I've always loved buttons too! I can't remember when I noticed them, but I remember three 'diamond' buttons my mom put on a baby blue dress she made for me in the early 1960's, and those buttons made that plain dress magical for me! I wish I still had that little dress and the buttons! ♥♥♥
Kathy said…
What a delightful and well told story. Loved reading it!
Lois said…
Hi Laurie.
I popped over to your log once I had read this post, and read through some of you previous posts. I an
M adding you to my "Blogs that make me go Ohhh" list. Your posts are lovely and the ivory and silver button is beautiful! Thank you for sharing.