Four more sleeps!

Are you ready for Christmas?  Only four more sleeps!
Look at these beautiful button tags!  They were a gift from Kathy, who shares my love of buttons and shows some wonderful examples on her blog -- you must visit!  They hang from sheer ribbon and I think they make beautiful Christmas ornaments.  I love how she mixed buttons with wonderful textures in colors to complement the beautiful playing cards.
All my gifts are wrapped and I have found time to relax with family and do some creating, like this button bracelet I assembled.  I have always wanted to make one like this!  I love the feeling of accomplishing a long-time goal, don't you?
This time, I used all shell buttons, and added some crystal and silver beads.  I made a pair of matching earrings, too.  I hope you are finding time to play in your buttons as you craft, create gifts, and decorate for the holidays!


What is sleep in December? I am working right down to the wire on some Christmas gifts. I am wishing you sweet blessings for the Holidays and a very Merry Christmas to you. Mary Helen
Kathy said…
Thanks for the shout-out and I am happy you are enjoying them! Yes, I agree about finishing a long-time goal and just finished one a few minutes ago, myself. I will be posting about it tomorrow.
Happy Christmas! 8+)
andrea creates said…
those are beautiful!
love the pretty tags too :)
lynn said…
wow what an idea.. so clever.. and it does look like an ornament.. arent buttons just wonderful... they are little treasures in themself.
i had to respond to the four more sleeps.. that is how my grandson can figure out days.. say.. till vacation.. how many sleeps gramma..
i love that
hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday..
big ladybug hugs
lynn l
MomWaldsPlace said…
You are right, her tags will make wonderful ornaments. Thank you for sharing. A visit to her blog is next.

Your set came out perfect! Merry Christmas!
Unknown said…
I did one button bracelet. In red, white and blue for one little grand who loves to be patriotic.
I am really liking the button bracelet

I just found some button garland and will play with it all year long. I put it on blog to show off

Merry Christmas
Very pretty tags and bracelet! So nice to have buttons on display and to admire. :)
Susie Jefferson said…
These are wonderful! And I love the bracelets - must try this. Thanks so much for visiting and a very Happy Christmas to you!
Ann said…
I've never seen button tags, they are beautiful. Thanks for coming by and seeing my litte Whoville girs. Ann
WW said…
Merry Christmas!!!
So pretty! Hope this finds that you had a wonderful Christmas. blessings, kathleen
Such beautiful ways to display buttons. Question, am I a button Floozie by just following this blog and participating in the last swap, or do I need to do something else?