Look what came to my mailbox!

One of my favorite button-related Facebook pages is the one hosted by The California State Button Society. They always have fun and beautiful button updates, so you can drool and learn and laugh about our mutual love of buttons!

A while back they posted a photo with a hint (it was a button, of course) and you had to guess what movie it was from.  I was the first to guess correctly, and so I was sent an amazing button gift:
It is a bunch of buttons on a card, sent from Janelle, the administrator of the CSBS Facebook page, from her own personal stash!  What a generous soul!
I am in button heaven.  I especially love how, in true Button Society form, she labeled each of the buttons!
Carved shell buttons (in the photo above -- bottom, left) are among my very favorites!  There's also a designer button from Laurel Birch (bottom, right) and two labeled "Victorian" (swoon!)
Look at this black glass button -- it's huge!  Labeled "Ooh-la-la" so I think it might be a Paris back (but I haven't removed it from the card, yet, to see.)
I really love this oval-shaped, silver floral button...
and, when it comes down to it, buttons with interesting shapes are always among my favorites, like this one by Bob Benson.
This one is very Steampunk!  How fun!
I hope you enjoyed seeing my newest collection!  Many, many thanks to the California State Button Society for sharing their button love!


Linda said…
An absolutely gorgeous group of buttons. You must be feeling like a very lucky person.
Love the buttons, so nice they sent them to you! Laura
MomWaldsPlace said…
What a classy collection. Congratulations!
Kathy said…
Oh you lucky girl. This is "the good stuff"! Thank you for sharing.
Unknown said…
Oh wow! They are gorgeous. Congratulations. Ooh, I bet you are in button heaven.. they are yummy!
Wow!! Good for you. Love that clock one. Just beautiful. ; )
Unknown said…
Lucky you Laurie - what a great collection!
Yes there is a real Santa Claus!!! Lovely gifts. Peace, Mary Helen
OMG I can't even imagine winning those!! I would have to frame them in a shadow box...What a win! They are gorgeous!

Ho Ho HO! Merry Christmas Button Floozies! Laurie, I couldn't believe that you guessed that Button Movie Moment so fast! So glad you're enjoying them!
Sarah Sequins said…
What beautiful buttons! I love the clock button -- it's just adorable.

-- Sarah, who found you via Flickr, and who has just discovered the beauty of buttons in jewelry.
Wow - those are great! I have to say the clock button is my favorite, too. Have you noticed all the wonderful button items on Pinterest!?