Two Kinds of Buttons

Once upon a time, there was a Girl Who Loved Buttons- pink buttons,

buttons on cards,
what she called her "special" buttons,
white buttons,

green buttons- most any kind of button.

The girl had a friend who had a Yorkie dog named Twinkle and Twinkle was expecting puppies.

When the puppies were born, there were six tiny little treasures- three girls and three boys.

The friend of the Girl Who Loved Buttons said "I'd like to give you a puppy for your birthday

...and your husband has already said it was ok".

The puppies were too little to leave Twinkle right away, and that gave the Girl Who Loved Buttons a chance to think of the perfect name for her puppy. She drove home from the friend's house and looked at all the road signs along the way.

Eudora- how about Dory?

Evening Star Rd-maybe his name could be Star.

Sunflower Ammunition Plant- maybe Sunny.

Kill Creek Rd- no, no good ideas there.

Moonlight Rd- Moony?

Woodland Road- Woody?

No, none of those seemed quite right.

The girl sat down at her computer and saw a card of buttons next to the monitor- and knew- her puppy should be named BUTTON.

A few weeks later, Button came home to live with his much bigger brother, Buddy;

and even bigger sister Maddie. And he's been our cute as a button puppy ever since.

(Button with his sister, Agnes Rose)


Penny-Rose said…
Off-the-scale-cuteness. Love your photos. How many buttons has Buttons chewed?? He is gorgeous.
I was totally thinking it should be name BUTTON !!! perfect. So adorable. CONGRATS :-}
Jane S. said…
The photo of your 3 dogs asleep together is so cute! Look at the way Button is all snuggled in there.
Laurie said…
Over-the-top cuteness! I loved seeing his newborn-baby photos!
Jennifer Scull said…
love all of the pix, but your pup's name is adorable!
Six puppies...who would have thought little Twinkle could have six babies! I cried as I saw the three of your guardians sleeping together. I have a Yorkie/Maltese loved one named Rosie. She is my pride and joy and my constant companion! Button you are one lucky little Yorkie! Blessings, Mary Helen
Robin K said…
Button is the perfect name!
Barbara said…
Buttons, dogs, Button, Buddy - there's a lot to love here, Beth!
Peggy said…
Love your blog, you button floozies, you! I added a link to my Button Crafts article at Squidoo (
Janet Ghio said…
Beth-I didn't realize that this was your blog. Can't remember how I found it, but I was reading your post today and when I got to the end, I thought that Karla had a dog named Agnes Rose and then I saw your name. Love the blog world!! I have a big collection of buttons that I love.
Sharon said…
He is so cute!!! Button is just a perfect name.
Glad you posted this blog site. It is very entertaining and I love the buttons.
l.wilks11 said…
I also love buttons, but am amazed where you manage to find such lovely ones! Any clues?.......xx
Bev said…
My favorite button blog post EVER! A.Dor.A.Ble!
Lisa said…

What a cute post! Button is perfect, he looks like a button. Cute as a button (another bad pun). Mostly I'm just happy he didn't end up Kill Creek Rd!
Cindy Adkins said…
Oh my gosh - buttons and puppies! What could be better? So cute!
Anonymous said…
Named my Scottie dog Button 9 years ago and still enjoy calling her. And some of the little kiddies we watch have called her "But" which gives us a chuckle. Also collect buttons and have wooden ones on several window sills which my dad crafted from a pic in Pottery Barn.One last funny, at bedtime we say, "Button up."
Yorkie said…
Button is so cute!