Getting to Know Me

Greetings from sunny New Zealand.  I'm a brand new Author on Button Floozies and a 'virgin' Button Collector if I can say that! I'm addicted to vintage buttons and the thrill of finding a very old button and checking out its history is exhilirating to me!!!  Is that sad or what???  haha
I'm also a quilter but when I have found a new lot of buttons my quilts seem to take a back seat!!  So now I'm making a quilt that I can put buttons on.. best of both worlds.

I love moonglow buttons.  They are common but... they're pretty!
I thought I'd show you some of my favourite buttons, not all by any means.  But some of my recent 'finds' and some of my favourite types

I love these.  Some are glass with patterns on top and some in behind.  Just gorgeous.

I bought these at a fete.  Two of them are Bimini buttons, but the camel picture button intriques me.
It's in excellent condition but very old. I should add that the card it's on doesn't belong to the button. 
The stall had several of them sewn on to photocopied cards belonging to other buttons. 
This one has four small shadows on it.  I was fooled to start with.

I found this one last week and cleaned it up.  I'm really excited that it's come up so beautiful.
Its says Patrona Bavaria 1868! 
 I bet there's history behind it.

These are a card belonging to a friend who collects buttons.  Art deco Glass!

A large mirror backed button I picked up for $5 recently.  It's the largest I've seen so far about 2" across.
I have collected a few black glass but still a couple of spaces and double ups to replace.

Another amazing button I found.  Esmeralda and the Dancing Goat picture button.
 I'm not sure how old it is though.
 I am just starting to make necklaces and gifts with my 'ordinary' buttons after finding so many ideas on Button Floozies.  I just need more time haha!



purplestevie said…
You have found some lovely buttons, i like the Esmeralda and camel ones i think they are Victorian.
The black glass buttons are some of me favorite, thanks for sharing. Laura
Kathy said…
This is a wonderful post and I look forward to hearing more about your button finds. Thank you for sharing!
Laurie said…
Oh, thank you so much for showing us some of your wonderful buttons! I think the large one you called mirror backed is a "twinkle"; I love black glass buttons (well, any glass really!) 'Nice to meet you!
Anonymous said…
LOVE all the button goodness!!!
here's a peek at my button love,

xx Rena
Bev said…
Welcome to the Floozies! Glad to see you as an author too! I have lots of buttons I've found over the years, but never looked into the history of them. Have fun!
Penny-Rose said…
Hi Karen great to read another NZ blogger. Love the Esmerelda button.
Unknown said…
Karen I had no idea there were such buttons out there. I have received two of my button surprises and I love them. Have had so much fun doing them and noticing buttons. Thanks again.
Jean said…
Yum! Love all the buttons! Welcome and thank you for sharing with us! HuGz, Jean
Sonia said…
Wow what an amazing collection of buttons!! So fun! I saw a Christmas tree mad out all buttons was beautiful...going to have to start collecting some!
How fun!

Miss Bloomers
Welcome to my addiction...I love New Zealand and hope to return someday. Kiora! Blessings. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
Sharon said…
Your button collection is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!