Buttons at Tiffany's

Well, not really Tiffany buttons -- but that beautiful blue color that reminds me of it!
I found these beauties at an antique store; they're not real antiques, but probably from the 1950s.  They're made from two different kinds of plastic -- the blue which is molded in a mottled texture, and the inserted pearly white center.
These are from the same period.  Look at that pretty silvertone detail along the bottom!  The button is covered with a kind of faux leather. The effect reminds me of a pillbox hat!
These are just common silver buttons, but special, I thought, because of the cute card with the Eiffel Tower on it.  It's marked on the back that they're made in France.  This will go into one of my art journals with a French theme, probably -- someday!

'Just a little Tuesday morning button peeping!  Thanks for looking with me!


Denise :) said…
Oh my, I love the top buttons especially -- how gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing them! :)
Jean said…
Beautiful blue buttons!
They do not have to be antique to love these buttons...I love finding just the right blue to match a project or two... I love your new finds! Peace, Mary Helen
I especially like the "Tiffany" blue buttons.
LuLu Kellogg said…
*sigh* These are beautiful!
Kathy said…
Your middle ones remind me of the fabulous coloured macaroons so popular in Australia at the moment :)