That Vintage Flair...

I was playing in my button boxes yesterday and decided to take a few photos of some of my favorites. I'll be sharing them with you over the next week.

I don't know much about the buttons I've collected over the years...which might be Bakelite, or some exotic material. I can identify mother of pearl or bone or shell, but I know what speaks to me.

I love the unique shapes, a flash of detail, but mostly, that flair that tells me it's "vintage". Of all the buttons I own - and there are many - the old ones will steal my attention away from the new ones any day.

I'll visit again soon and share more of my favorites. In the meantime, you can see what I'm creating in my studio by visiting my blog. Don't be shy. Be sure to say "hi" when you stop in. I love visitors at Brynwood!


Lululiz said…
I had no idea you were on button floozies as well, lol, I follow you on your Brynwood blog. Buttons are so enormously tactile with the millions of different designs and shapes, grooves here, little bumps there, from tiny to huge, and thats before one gets into the colour side of it. I love the ones you are showing in this post, lovely earth colours and such interesting designs.
Patti said…
I really like the large cream colored one at the top. Looking forward to seeing more! Thanks for sharing!
I am not sure it matters what we know...just that we love buttons and holding them is touching the past and our stories of how life was held together. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
Unknown said…
Oh I am so excited that you stopped by. Someone who knows Angelman Syndrome! Your blog is beautiful and I think I am going to love it here.