Red Buttons

I am getting some of my buttons ready to take with me for the summer, and these red ones are among those taking the trip.  I have had the diary buttons for quite a long time, and think it is time they were used in a project.  Aren't they cute?



Anonymous said…
Good Morning!!!
These buttons are beauties...I don't know how I'd use the little diary ones, but they are cute. Take pics of what you do with them :D
Laurie said…
Oh, those diary buttons are to die for! Also the sweet little round glass ones beneath them!
There is something about RED buttons...they energize my soul and definitely need to be in a fabric journal or a special piece of clothing! I too love the diary journal buttons.... simply fabulous! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
Debbie Doughty said…
Lucky buttons! Wish I were taking a trip soon, lol.
Anonymous said…
those dairy buttons are so darling! I have never seen buttons like them!