Button Hungry...


Hello to all button crazy...

I want to say hello and how glad I am that I can say it publicly - I collect buttons and really don't like them go!

like many of us - got hooked when fumbling in my grandmother's sewing box and stayed hooked since... I buy buttons to make things, but this do not happen too often as I don't like to see them go - but when I will do I am going to share it here :)

there is a little part of my collection of vintage, handmade and unusual buttons:

I can also be found here on my Blue Fish Handmade blog where I share all the other passions of my life

thanks for having me here!


Bunty said…
You have some beauties there! Thanks for sharing.

Vishruti Dev said…

Go to this link for more buttons - very vintage and very classy
Indigo Blue said…
What a lovely photograph!
It is always wonderful to meet...yes meet another button afficianando...these are so wonderful ...sorry about the spelling...I just had a brain procedure but I never lose my quest for beauty in a button...so many stories to be told. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
welcome to the button floozy club Izabela :0)
Kady said…
Oh my goodness! I have found BUTTON HEAVEN! I love old buttons too and first got "hooked" by running my chubby little fingers through my grandma's and my mom's sewing tins. I have so many old buttons and keep telling myself that "one day" I'm going to organize them. For right now, they reside in old tins and mason jars which I display in my backyard cabin. I love looking at them and going through them. I may never part with mine either! Love your blog...and I'm off to see what other treasures you've shared.
yarkaya said…
your buttons are beautiful!!! I remember - when I was small, I loved to look through my gran's box of vintage buttons.. They look more or less like this (but they were from 50-60s of Soviet Union). Now I steel keep some.