Just a few of my recent favorite finds

Thought I would share a picture of a few of my favorite thrift store button finds. Got a bagful for $1, and these were my favorite out of the bag. Don't know if these are real mink or what, they do look like real fur though. Aren't they pretty?


Oh, I LOVE those mink buttons....I have my Mom's mink stole that Dad gave her in the 1950's. It's really pretty. I like the other buttons too. :0)

I'm glad to finally be able to leave a comment here...I don't know if it's just been me or everyone but the *comment* section has been missing... :0)

Have a great day and do come by for a visit!

♥ Love & Faerie Dust ♥
andrea creates said…
Neat!! Vintage buttons are fun.I scored a bunch of good ones this week too.I posted about them on my blog :)
ooh i LOVE the black/turq/diamonte ones :0)
manda said…
What fabulous finds! $1 is incredible! My second hand stores are now selling small jars of buttons for $5 upwards! Great buttons and bargain!!!
manda said…
What fabulous finds! $1 is incredible! My second hand stores are now selling small jars of buttons for $5 upwards! Great buttons and bargain!!!
Melissa said…
You don't score buttons like that for prices like that around here - how lucky!!
Laurie said…
Yes, those are fur! I have some too! Yours are bigger though! Jealous.
Sylvia said…
Hi, love those buttons...especially the fur ones...

Have a buttony kind of day...

Bunty said…
These are gorgeous buttons - I love anything with sparkle!

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Thanks so much!

Those are gorgeous. Each one has so much character.
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GardenOfDaisies said…
Look at all that sparkle! and fur too! Isnt' it fun finding vintage treasures? My grandmother was a dressmaker, and she would string all her extra buttons on a big long string. this was passed down to my mother, and now my sister has it, but I LOVE looking at it.
Kudzu said…
fur buttons.......wow,that a find for the collection , and as always, love the rhinestones
Deborah said…
These are gorgeous! What a lucky find!
Elizabeth said…
There is something utterly fascinating about vintage buttons!
But you know that already!
Happy weekend and greetings from Buster
Smila ♥ said…
I just discovered your blog! What wonderful pictures! :-)))

xxx, Smila
Lois said…
Oooooooo.....lucky you.
I agree with what Me said in her/his comment. You can't get buttons like that at that price at any of the thrift stores around here. My blue eyes are green with envy.
Thanks for sharing.