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Hello, fellow button crafters, collectors, hoarders and all-around button lovers. My name is Donna Liljegren of Brynwood Needleworks. I'm one of the new contributors here, and I'm looking forward to sharing my love of all-things-button with you!

Unlike many button collectors, my mum (who does not sew) didn't inspire my "Button Love". My "almost mother-in-law", Grace, whom I have loved for over 35 years, gave me her vast collection about ten years ago, and those beautiful buttons set my heart afire. Although I made the wise decision not to marry her son all those years ago, she and I have remained steadfast friends. She calls me "daughter", and I call her "Mom"...and believe it or not, her son and daughters and I are like family. I truly got the best of both worlds!

When she shared her buttons with me, I came to realize the vast array of shapes, sizes, materials...and uses for them. I have been making my Button Hearts for years, giving them as special gifts to friends and family. Of course, the first one I made was immediately gifted to Grace! I'll be adding some to my Brynwood Boutique soon, so that other button lovers can purchase one of their own.

I'll be back to share more projects with you in the future, as well as photographs of some of my special buttons. I'm really looking forward to being a contributor here, and hope you'll stop in to visit me at Brynwood, too. I'm actually making a very special wedding gown these days, and will be sharing the process with my readers. I'd love to have you join us! Just click here: Brynwood Needleworks. See you again soon!


Wow! I think I've died and gone to heaven!!! Would you look at all the gorgeous buttons on this site? Wow! Will have to check out more about this. Marva
DeeDee said…
Congrats Donna..they have made a fine choice in you here at Button Floozies....I will be back to visit soon...Happy Easter
Hello Donna,

Welcome...I'm a Button Floozie too. :0)

I love the button heart. I made one for my sister years ago and added a Mary Engelbriet print with was so cute.

Stephanie ♥
The French Bear said…
Donna, lovely button heart! Great post.....well done!
Margaret B
OOOhhh Donna, I love it! Great first post here.
big hugs,
Laurie said…
'So nice to meet you! I'm a newbie floozie, too!