Wearable Button Art

Hello fellow Button Floozies and everyone else. This is my first post on the site, but I’ve been a reader for a long time. I’m Nola, from Alamo North, and I love buttons! When I read this blog for the first time, I KNEW what I’d post if I ever got the chance. Here’s my chance...
Here is the denim jacket that my dear cousin Paula turned into a wearable piece of art:

I say wearable, but it is so heavy, I’m not sure it would actually be comfortable to wear. Paula has it displayed under glass, permanently framed. I’m not sure she ever actually even wore it.
Paula’s mom, my Aunt Rosie had quite a button collection (among other things), and after she passed away, Paula inherited the huge collection. It’s easy enough to display buttons in a jar, or in a frame, but Paula kicked it up a notch. She found an inexpensive denim jacket at a local thrift store. Armed with buttons and a glue gun, she started creating! One by one, she applied each button. Hour by hour, the jacket transformed into a rainbow of color!

I am amazed at the transformation. Just look how the colors gradually change. She began with blue buttons on the upper left yoke, and worked her way down, changing the shades of the buttons gradually ending with green. What an eye for color she has.

A closer look really lets you see the individual buttons. Paula managed to work in buttons of all size, shape, and texture! Some buttons were new, some were used. Some buttons were old, others were not. She even put buttons on top of the buttons that were already on the jacket!

Every time I see the jacket, I am amazed at Paula’s creativity, and Aunt Rosie’s passion for buttons. This jacket is a collaboration of efforts of two of the women I’ve admired and loved most in my life. I thank Paula from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to photograph this artwork and post it on Button Floozies!

I’ll be back at a later date with a few photos and stories of the buttons my mother and I collected over the years, but they won’t be anywhere near as visually explosive as this!


Hemant Saluja said…

You are very good designer and you have a creative mind. Best of luck for your future.



Eve said…
That is fabulous. I love the blues. I appreciate art like this.

I do crazy quilt squares that would never do for a quilt. I just like to decorate them, and they usually end up as a wall hanging. I use buttons and little charms, embroidery, anything to make them pretty.
MARIA said…
I love this beautiful art work!
Anonymous said…
That took both creativity and r-e-a-l patience! Good for you, Paula! I absolutely adore buttons of every hue and shape. All individual little creations with their own unique personalities. Like all of us. This is an admirable feat she's accomplished here, and one to be handed down like the fine heirloom it has become! And we have you to thank for showing it to the world!
Bev said…
Welcome! I can only say one word...."WOW"!!! How creative!
Definitely one-of-a kind!
Thanks for sharing!
Abbie said…
Wow!! It is lovely! I love all the color! What patience she must have. thank you for sharing and Welcome!
sandra/tx said…
That is gorgeous! I have a good friend whose mother sewed a bunch of buttons on the back yoke. My friend does wear it but says it's pretty heavy.