Fall and new beginings

I feel like today is a new beginning.
I made some decisions, while on vacation, that I feel good about.
Fall is in the air this morning...I love fall, cool mornings, sunny days...aaaah.
The biggest decision I made was to not teach painting classes any more.
My heart isn't "in" it any more.
You my blogging friends are such a huge part of my life now.
I want to move on, move forward, do what I love doing.
I have bottles that I'm still working on which I cant wait to share.
I have cups, spoons, silver and glass that are waiting for birds.
I see all the pictures of "creative spaces" I want to get in my craft room, organize it into "stations" so I can be more creative...
This morning I feel energized and ready to get started.
I finished this gal last night. Hope you like her.
I also was accepted into the Lollishop group...yeh!


Congrats on the LolliShops and coming to terms with what you need. It can be such a big step. I think your new creations are darling!
Bev said…
I love all your creations and you need to do what you LOVE! That's when the best creativity comes out!

Thanks for sharing with us and I'll be looking forward to the new stuff in the future!
Abbie said…
Oh! To have an epiphany is such a fabulous thing! Good for you! Enjoy your creative time and let the juices flow! So to speak. :) I just adore your little birdies!
david santos said…
Have a nice weekend.
Anonymous said…
Hi Beth! You are my big winner of the glittery tags! Send me an e-mail to amyelisedesigns@yahoo and I will mail the tags to you this week! Thanks for playing and congrats!! Amy :)
Summer Gypsy said…
Kudos for following your heart!!!! Your post inspires me!