more lovely buttons!!!

. . . . . . some more lovely buttons to show off!!!

here are some lovely tiny carved mother of pearl buttons that i carded and sold recently, thankfully i have more to look at.

i love these vintage ladybird buttons - i made this little envelope for them to travel to their new home in!

i really liked these deco glass buttons too!!

and here are some tags i was commissioned to make featuring buttons!

tiny tiny red heart buttons - so sweet - i wish i'd bought more when i saw them - isn't that always the way!!!


Tamara Jansen said…
Love the lady bird buttons....they're my favorite!
Jessica Rodarte said…
oooh... Megan, these are so pretty. note to self: buttons on tags are gorgeous. must try!! :) Thank you Megan for the inspiration :)
Nola said…
The tags are so clever! I really like the tiny heart buttons.
Bev said…
I just love all those tags! I definitely love the rectangle ones - too cool!!

Bev said…
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jenclair said…
Love the button cards, envelope, and tags! Oh, and the buttons!