Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Button Nest for Little Bird

The little button nest for this bird.  The bird was embroidered on felt and appliqued to the piece of needlework.

This is the entire  piece and it's called "The Rose."  I did it for my mother who nurtured and loved roses all her life.  The beautiful embroidered rose is an antique applique given to me by a friend. I painted the button by the picture of my mother.   She was 16 at the time and now just turned 93.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Buttons of October

I have some wonderful photos of buttons from my 'travels' this month!
A bar with a fun name in Old Colorado City, CO
The cover of a fabric book I made in Lawrence, KS
-- look at that gorgeous carved shell button!
a coffee filter flower with button center in Kansas City, KS
Wonderful button ring display in the pages of a book!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

2nd Annual Christmas Ornament Swap!

This post will appear at the top of the blog until October 28;

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As promised, we're announcing a Christmas Ornament Swap.
This is a group swap.
I will put you in groups of 5 this time.
We will each send and receive
4 button ornaments
(keep one of yours for yourself = 5 total)!

Definition of a button ornament:
A Christmas ornament made to hang on a tree, that is decorated with buttons.  The buttons do not necessarily need to be the only decoration element of the ornament -- but it should be a main or special element of the decoration.  Your ornament should be handmade.

  • Sign-up period: October 19-28, 2012
  • Notification of swap partners: October 29, 2012
  • Swaps must be in the mail by: Monday, November 19, 2012
It is a quick turnaround, I realize; please be sure you can adhere to the deadline before committing! 
A NOTE ABOUT INTERNATIONAL SWAPPING:  Because it is a quick turnaround, I'll be matching you up with partners on your own continent; that should cut down on postage costs for everyone and also shipping time!  If you would prefer to ship internationally, please send me an email and if we have enough people who want to do it, I'll put a group together from different continents.

How it works:
  • You sign up for the swap by emailing me your name, address, and blog address if you have one.  Send the email to:  Please note: Even in you know I already have your email and other info -- please send me a separate email, anyway.  I often have more than 30 people who participate in these swaps and so it's much easier for me to organize if I have all the info "in one place" -- I simply tag the email "SWAP" when I receive it and then filter all the swap emails when it's time to make the list.  Thank you!!
  • After you email me the above information, comment on this post that you have; this step is so that I can contact you if Blogger plays tricks on me with emails, as they have been known to do in the past! I just don't want anyone to miss out.
  • Once you've signed up, you can begin making your 5 ornaments right away!  You don't need to wait for your group to get started.
  • I will randomly place people into groups of 5: on October 29 I will email you each the names and addresses of the swappers in your group.  Please note: with groups this size, it's not easy for me to keep track of who has already swapped with you end up in a "repeat" group and you don't want to be...please email me IMMEDIATELY and I will try to switch things around without too much inconvenience.
  • Take a photo of your creations, then send one of your ornaments to each of the other 4 members in your group; be sure to have them in the mail by Monday, November 19, 2012.
  • Sit back and wait to receive 4 different ornaments in the mail from your partners!
  • Once all the members of your group have received your swap, post your photos on the blog and/or on our Button Floozies Swap page on Flickr so we can all enjoy them!
Here are just a few examples of last year's ornaments:

'Sound like fun?  I hope so!  Tell all your friends!  Everyone is invited to participate!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Fall in Love with Buttons 2012 Swap tin - sent and received

My partner, Tamra, and I have sent and received our tins in the Fall in Love with Buttons 2012 Swap!  Here's the one she made for me:
Isn't it lovely?  She decoupaged it in Fall shades of green and brown -- and just LOOK at the gorgeous selection of buttons she sent!
Here's a peek at the inside
and the bottom; she used buttons for feet!  Tamra also gifted me that hand made barrette made of buttons!  How sweet is that?  I don't have any button barrettes, so it is really special!
Here's the tin I made for Tamra.  I used fall themed papers, ribbons, and a bit of lace.  She said she liked vintage, like me, so I decorated the top with lace, vintage millinery flower pieces, and a very pretty old button.
Here's how I did the inside: very simple with papers and felt leaves.  Sitting next to it is a card of vintage orange buttons I included, tied to a Fall-themed tag.
Here's the bottom of the box, and, on the right, the front of that tag.
Here's a photo of the buttons I included in her Fall mix.
This was SUCH a fun swap!
To see more of the tins given and received, keep checking

Monday, October 22, 2012

Jet Black Button Bracelet

I have been hording buttons since a teenager.  I finally decided to use some of my precious stash and make this bracelet.  You can easily make your own.  I purchased a charm bracelet and attached the buttons with jump rings.  I added some silver metal buttons and some glass and rhinestone buttons to jazz it up a bit.  I wore it to a friend's wedding this weekend passed.  I felt like a gypsy in my bangley and jingly bracelet!  I hope you love it as much as I do!   Enjoy!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Doing A Little Button Sleuthing...

 Hello, Button Floozies and afficionados!
I have a question for you today.
My friend, Denise sent me this photo along with the following information. 

"They are very heavy. The material almost looks like black onyx with faceted edges that are set in a heavy gold type metal. The edges are robbed like the sides of a quarter. They are " engraved " on the back side with "J. Brody". I've never seen anything like them. When I googled all I could find was a J.Brody vintage shirt maker." 

Perhaps one or more of you button experts might have more information that I can share with her about them. Thanks!

You can find me at Brynwood Needleworks to see what's going on in my studio these days. I always look forward to visitors.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall in Love with Buttons Swap gift!

Maggie participated in our Fall in Love with Buttons 2012 Swap, and has completed her exchange with her lucky partner.  Plus, she sent me a special hostess gift, too!  I wanted to show you on the blog because I KNOW those of you who are still working on your swap (like me!) will be very inspired!
As you can see, she decorated her Altoids tin with felt and Fall themed buttons; then wrapped it all up in that colorful Fall fabric and tied it with orange and yellow rick rack!  It was such a fun little bundle to open!
Here you can see that Maggie also decorated the inner lid with leafy paper, and filled the tin with some button gifts!  I love all the leafy motifs and the fall palette, but am especially enamored by the vintage ones, like the row of antique glass buttons still carded that she included!
To further spoil me, she included another Fall fabric fat quarter and a sheet of button stickers!
Are you inspired?  I hope so!

For those participating, don't forget that the Fall in Love with Button Swap 2012 tins are due in the mail  no later than this Friday, October 19!  We have 36 participants and will be showing as many of the tins as possible on this blog and on our Flickr page, too, so please be sure to check back!

I will also be announcing our next swap, a Holiday Swap, this week, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Attention Canadian button lovers

I received this email yesterday:

The Official Button Lover's Group on Facebook is a public Group that any button enthusiast can join and is a place for people to ask questions, post their buttons, a button destash per month, and an all around super friendly atmosphere. It is a new group, I myself am not the founder of it, only a member but I started up the Canadian Travelling Button Box and thought we could get some more people to send the box around to through the Button Floozies :)
Please do come have a look and feel free to join!!
The Official Button Lovers Group:
Travelling Button Box info:
Thank you :) 
Dana Lang
Doesn't that Traveling Button Box sound like fun?  If someone from Button Floozies signs up -- especially Canadians -- and gives it a try, please let us know how it goes for you!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Buttons in art

Please come visit me on my other blog, Indulge Your Shelf, to see another beautiful use of buttons in art!

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