A new button necklace

Beautiful blues and various, vibrant greens mixed together with beads into a beautiful, woven necklace!
 I love that there are a variety of ages and types of buttons...
 Notice how the maker twisted the lengths for interest -- below, I have pulled them apart to demonstrate.
 What a fun thrift store find!  I washed it and will enjoy wearing it!
Let me see your button necklaces!


It's always fun to find buttons of any kind , wear it proudly LOL


Naomi said…

That's beautiful! I love the colors. I'm not sure how the buttons are actually attached to the chain though. Are they fastened with thread? Or wire? They make a nice accessory. I love buttons!
So very pretty and it looks good on you!
Laurie said…
They are wired on and there are also beads.
Button Gma said…
I received a vintage button necklace for my birthday. The buttons are attached to a cotton thread crocheted base. What is the best way to clean it?