Bag o' buttons

I found another bag of buttons at the thrift store and "splurged" the $2.99 on them because I could see there were lots of my favorites -- mother of pearl and shell buttons!
 But, there was more than that...

 Some very nice steel and metal buttons, and, the ones on the far left are glass with embellished tops!
 More glass, tied together -- I just love that!
 A few pretty celluloid, composition, and bone buttons, too!

 All of the ones that are the same, on the left, are painted glass!  The ones in the very front are so special: one clear glass with ruffled edges, and one that is enameled!  Such a treat!
As always, a few extras in the mix: a belt buckle made from what I think is apple juice Bakelite, a little pin from a service group, and some wooden beads.  You just never know what you'll find in a bag of buttons!


Queeniepatch said…
What a find!
Today's clothes, like T-shirts and sports/leisure wear, seldom have buttons, so in future it will be more difficult to find such a variety of buttons from shift shops, don't you think?
Unknown said…
Wow! I never find Buttons like that in Thrift Stores.
What a great goodie bag!
The circular metal pin that you described as from a service organization, is a perfect attendance pin from a Congregational Sunday School.

Pat S.
Peg said…
you did good..could the buckle be imitation tortoise shell bakelite or possible real tortoise?
CraftyHope said…
First, what a fantastic price for a bag of buttons. But, to also have so many treasures in there! Your scored big time!!
Tremendous! So many little treasures~ I'm glad I stopped in! Very cool~ & now I know - i have a 'bone' button and didn't know it till I saw yours here. The glass embellished are sooo pretty! karen o
How beautiful and how lucky you are to have found them!
Beautiful buttons! Wishing you a merry Christmas!