Here are 3 buttons from a jar with hundreds of vintage buttons. 
Check these out:

They have the look of little nests of fresh pasta. They are made of resin and plastic. They really stood out in the jar of buttons that I found at a church yard sale. I am not sure of the age, type, or origin. Do you have any information on this type of button?


Peg said…
I've heard them called spaghetti like..button collectors call them extruded rods,strands

I really like these, I found some for the first time last year at the button show.
I have 3 turquoise ones that a neighbor gave me off her suit from 1958
Laurie said…
These are some of my favorites -- I call them pasta buttons!
Thanks for looking and the info!
Laurie B said…
Very interesting! I’ve never seen any before. I hope I find some.