My favorite buttons - #7

I have a wide variety of black glass buttons -- and the unique shape of this one makes it a favorite! It's shaped like a boat, and then incised and accented with gold paint.
On the reverse, the cut-out button hole.

These buttons are sometimes mistakenly referred to as "jet" -- the actual jet ones are rarer, but from about the same era as the many small black glass varieties.

I hope you've enjoyed celebrating National Button Week as much as I've enjoyed showing off some of my favorite, beautiful buttons!


Naomi said…

Oh, that blingy white one! I want! One just like it! The one on today's post is unique, but doesn't grab me so much. But, oh what I could do with that sparkly white one! On a hat, on a scarf, make a bracelet or necklace....on and on.
baili said…
your lovely post reminded me the dryer of my late mother where she used to keep her collections of beautiful various buttons
Gorgeous! It's so nice to come in from the garden and go through the button posts with a cup of tea. Lovely!
maggie said…
Hi Laurie,
Not sure if you remember me , it has been a very long time since I've been active. I am looking to catch up with my blogs emails etc this year. I have recently lost my dear husband of 57 years. I'm still processing it all, but I am thinking I need to get back to some of my hobbies etc. I loved doing the needle book swap several years ago and wondered if you are still doing swaps?
I hope that you are doing well.
maggie from Maine