Here is a collage ornament that I created for 2014. 
On this ornament is a found plastic bird button that  
really is the "Star" of this piece! 
The button tells the story of how love lifts us up...
Just like a bird's wings lifts him up.
"Every button can tell a story"....

"In Love"
A collage ornament 
created by Sue Marrazzo, ISAP, NCS
Artist, and Button Collector


Pallas said…
This is very pretty. It is always fun to see mixed media creations other people make.

I belonged to an online group, and one year we had a "swap your stash" exchange. Every participant sent everyone else the same fabric, buttons, notions, ephemeria etc. It was so much fun to see the wide variety of artwork that was created from the same package.
Thanks so much!
SWAPS are always so fun!
magistra said…
That is a sweet ornament :) and that swap sounds fun!
Magistra13 at yahoo dot com
Laurie said…
Such a sweet little creation!
'Glad you like it!
and the button was a cool find!