Recycle Santa

I have saved this sweatshirt since the 1990's . It was my youngest daughters when she was in high school. We all wore these painted Christmas sweatshirts back them. Remember?
Well I just couldn't' throw it away because of the BUTTONS on it LOL.
Yesterday I was digging around in my Christmas closet to see what i was going to use this year and this sweatshirt was hanging in the closet and a light bulb went off. 
Well anyway I made a pillow out of Mr Button Santa.


My daughter doesn't even know I post on Button Floozies so I can tell you I am wrapping this up for her for Christmas this year 


Jane said…
That turned out to be such a cute pillow!
Laurie said…
Oh she will LOVE it! What a wonderful memory and repurposing of a cherished item!!
A SWEET and Fun use of BUTTONS!