I recently made a jacket out of old cashmere sweaters I have been saving along with some cashmere wool that I felted and cut up.  I needed a button so I went to Webs Yarn Store in Northampton MA to see what they had.
The store is huge for all you knitters ... which I am not .... but they have a great selection of modern buttons.
They have this column and on 3 sides there are tubes and tubes of buttons!!


close up of SIDE 2

close up of SIDE 3 

close up of SIDE 1 
This is my jacket.  The vintage button is a one a friend gave me.  I love the button but didn't really like it on the jacket. 
I found about 4 or 5 contenders but finally decided on this ceramic button that I felt was perfect!
The winner is!!

To see more of my jacket go to Needle and Hook


Carol said…

Thanks for the delightful eye candy this morning!
It could have been made for the jacket - which is beautiful. Such a clever idea.
And that shop! I would feel like a puppy in a slipper box!
Laurie said…
I love the button you settled on for the jacket!
Linda said…
Your jacket is beautiful!