Tiny button box

Look at the fun that arrived in my mailbox last week:
These were a gift from my niece -- look how she addressed the package!
My favorites from the bunch.
I love it that when people I love see buttons, they think of me!
Happy June to you!


Sarah said…
Happy June to you! Your niece must be "as cute as a button!"
Hi Laurie!
So Nice of your niece!
I'm liking the clear lucite button...so cool ( =
Pallas said…
What a fun little package to receive in the mail. And, I do love how your niece addressed the package.

I have a friend who, when she found out I love old pictures, sends them to me by the box full. :>) Love it!
Shirlee Fassell said…
What a sweet niece to send you something you love!
Patty Antle said…
What a sweet niece! Receiving buttons in the mail would make me very happy too!

Mrs Aunt Laurie that is very nice and sweet of your niece to even think of you and especially send precious buttons
Barbara said…
So excited, I just found your blog! I have always loved buttons since stringing my grandmother's as a child, and am now starting to search them out for my own collection as well as using them in my art, most frequently as eyes for my Ghoulie (but whimsical ;) dolls. Can't wait to dig into your blog and enjoy more ideas!