A Different Type of Button

I think these qualify for a post here, even though they are not technically buttons. At least not the kind you can pick up and turn over.
But they were indeed buttons at one time, so they should be okay here.

These are pictures of buttons from a magazine of the past. I do not know which one. I started to dabble in decoupage and these were donated to me by my mother, a paper artist of some renown. She was so excited that I was attempting decoupage, and knowing I like buttons, she found these in one of her millions of files and handed them over.

I really wish I knew more about them and I surely wish I could see them in person.

Enlarged all of these, as the print is hard to read.

I saved my favorites for last.

Don't you just love that...Smuggler's Button?! And wouldn't you love to own one?
Here is a link to a real one:


maggie said…
Wow, what amazing buttons. I really enjoyed seeing them. Do you display special buttons any particular way?
Thanks for sharing.
Kathy said…
Love that Smugglers button! Thank you for sharing the eye candy.
Laurie said…
Oh I would love that smuggler's button! The pages look to me like they might be from some of the National Button Society's journals from years past! What fun ephemera to work with.
sooooooooo many beauties to cherish here! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
Lisa B (Moon) said…
I WANT and NEED the smugglers button.....how lovely they all are...sigh