Happy Button Dancing Girl

I am a Happy Button Dancing Girl!

Have you ever come across a special button that makes you want to dance with happiness?  I did last weekend, although I refrained from dancing in the aisle, mainly because the aisle wasn't very big.
For the complete story of why I am a Happy Button Dancing Girl, please visit my blog Vintage Connections 


Unknown said…
Wow my button collection muse is drooling with ideas. thanks for sharing this. I am trying to catch up with all my fav blogs following the busy time I had making all my Christmas gifts. I did use some buttons on some of them. I am going to make the button covered purse for a grands birthday.
Laurie said…
I love that rusty spring display!
Love your buttons! I have mostly ivory and white ones that I use in my sewing, but I do have a very small container of my grandma's buttons, just to keep. Visiting from the Grow Your Blog Party. Thanks for visiting Me. Now following you. Linda