button treasure from thrift store

I had to drop off bags of donations at VV yesterday and so of course I had to do a quick run-through of the store... I found this all silk wedding suit which is  gorgeous silk...  I assume it was a wedding suit as it has a very long train...  It is beautifully tailored and softly shirred around the waist and hips...  I can hardly wait to start chopping it to pieces for crazy quilting....The silk is very high quality and can be dyed any color.

But what was on the back was a bonus..
Down the entire length of back and train are all these tiny silk-covered buttons....91 of them. There is a small bit of crystal beading in the  front but  the straps are elaborately and elegantly beaded ...


DeeDee said…
SCORE! in more ways than one... :D
What a find all around!! Good for you. ; )
Linda said…
Soooooo GORGEOUS!!!!! What an amazing find!!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by and your kind words!
Laurie said…
WOW! I love finding stuff like that at the thrift store! I hope you are feeling better today!

I bet I'm the only one who says, I hate to see that gorgeous dress get cut up into pieces.
I love all the buttons down the back so romantic , was it made by hand ?
Vintage brides would love it , but then again you have to find a bride who wants a vintage dress LOL


okcamp said…
Awesome find. What are your plans for it?
Oh my goodness - what an absolutely beautiful dress …. I have a mannequin in my bedroom that I put interesting things on .. this would be one such thing. The sheer joy of such beauty!