Buttons from Down Under

I found a truly wonderful package in my mailbox this weekend, from Diana, aka Secondhand Rose, in Victoria, Australia!
A few months ago, I was invited to write an article to be included in Australian Button Collector, a Journal of The Victorian Button Collectors Club, Inc.  I wrote about our Button Floozie blog and invited their members to join us in our button fun online!
The Club has a website, but the journal isn't available online, so Diana was kind enough to send me a hard copy (on the right in the photo above.)  It's a pretty and informative magazine for the ca. 100 members of the club; Diana says about 30-40 regularly attend meetings, and they hold monthly meetings where they research types of buttons.  Doesn't that sound like fun?
In addition to the Journal and a lovely note, Diana also send a full card of these magnificent woven buttons, along with a news article about the store they came from; as you can see, they are beautiful, old stock buttons.
They are the palest, mint green, and look as perfect as the day they were made.  What a thoughtful and generous gift, Diana!
I hope some of the Victorian Button Collectors Club members are visiting, and if so, they (and everyone else) are invited to take part in our 2nd Annual Fall in Love with Buttons Swap!  Details are here, and you have until September 19 to sign up!

(ALSO: if anyone has been having trouble leaving comments here on the blog, please send us an email so I can investigate -- send to buttonfloozies@gmail.com.  Thank you!)


I wish I would have bought so many more pear; buttons when I was in Australia.... sweet reminders. Peace, Mary Helen
Kathy said…
Beautiful buttons and what a fun sounding button group!
Ah how nice, I love to swap things with friends, better yet I like it when they just send me a surprise package. LOL
Whah a treat those buttons all on their card

Mother of pearl is my favorite button ( I think) of course I think rhinestone buttons are my favorite, no glass black jet LOL
darn it I love them all

Laurie PLEASE send me again the etsy help page instructions I don't know where I saved it
I am going to start working on it tonight , just not sure what to name it and what picture to use for header etc, I will work it out
someone advised I have lots of items, honey I could sell something every day for a year and still have plenty of treasures for my etsy

I have my tin ready for the swap !
Jean said…
These are such lovely buttons. I have been looking for some crocheted ones for my art projects. Does anyone want to swap some for other buttons? Please pm me at jeanjems@gmail.com. Thank you so much! ~jean
andrea creates said…
such pretty buttons! :)
Unknown said…
Thee is nothing like a vintage button. These are gorgeous. I so remember as a child playing with Mother & G'ma Maggie's button boxes for hours as a child. What fun we kids had.

Have a lovely week.