Many moons ago I travelled in India and Nepal, both amazing places full of treasures, and I spent a lot of time on a mission to seek out embroidery and buttons to use back home on the clothing that I made and sold. Most of it is gone, but today I was sorting out a box at the bottom of the wardrobe and came across these buttons.

I bought them in a shop in Kathmandu, and they are made from horn, or bone, I'm not sure which. Since they have been there for 15 years I think I should keep them, and maybe put them on a garment that I am going to wear myself. Then again I think they look good as a display, so maybe I'll mount them and put them on the wall. Hopefully one day I'll make it back to Kathmandu, and if I do I'll be seeking out that shop again.


Pallas said…
Really wonderful buttons. They would look interesting in a display. Thanks for showing them to us.
autena said…
So interesting! Perhaps you could put them in a shadowbox, with a dark background to set them off.
Lynn Holland said…
Brilliant, thank you for sharing them with us. India is a fascinating adventure. I felt like I was in a documentary on the tv when I went. It is surreal.
I love bone buttons! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart