Button Floozies to the rescue?

I received a heartfelt request from a button lover who needs to replace the buttons on a suit due to a dry cleaning mishap!
She needs four of these buttons, which came from a vintage suit designed by Yves St. Laurent.
If she can't find the exact buttons, then she needs 6 that are similarly colored/sized/quality.
back view of button
The key is quality; she has tried to get store-bought replacements and they don't look "right" on the suit.
She wanted me to ask for help on this blog; maybe someone has these buttons in their collection, or knows someone who does, or has another idea because they've bought similar replacements?
If so, please comment, or send an email to: buttonfloozies(at)gmail(dot)com.
Thank you!


I checked my red button box and do not have any like that :-(
I'm sure one of your button lovers will come to her rescue!!