Mounted buttons

I was lucky enough to be invited to the button sale of a collector who was getting rid of some of her more common, crafting buttons; most of them were vintage.
She and her husband took the time (unbelievable!) to put buttons on cards for the sale.
That's a button lover for you, right?
I just knew you'd enjoy seeing the buttons I brought home with me!
I bought some fabric and notions, too...
...but of course the buttons were the most fun to dig through!
How about you?  Any button purchases lately?


Kathy said…
Oh.My.Gosh! I can't believe they carded up that many buttons. Yes, that is a button lover, for sure! Wish I was there.
Anonymous said…
Those buttons are so cute, I mean every last one of them. And, they put that many on cards?!
Lynn Holland said…
What a fabulous sale, it must have been like birthday & Christmas rolled into one. Thanks for showing us.
Lynn :)
Jocelyn said…
Wow this is amazing!!
Helena said…
andrea creates said…
these are great-love the white and blue ones :)
OH MY GOSh send me $10, worth LOL

I love those rhinestone buttons priced $1.50 be still my heart

I would have went absolutely crazy LOL

bless his heart putting them all on cards unbeliveable
elizabeth said…
Utterly enchanting!
loved the 'ivory' ones at the top.
My mother used to have a button box --such fun to hunt through as a child.
I now want to knot a cardi for my granddaughter so I can use cool buttons!
Maggie R said…
Oh My!! the buttons are awesome. I have not bought any recently but I just posted a picture if the ones I made in clay,all glazed and fired. Lots of fun
autena said…
They definitely had patience! And the cards look so neat and tidy too.
Francy said…
oh my! you got some cute buttons there lady!
GardenOfDaisies said…
Oh MY!!! This must have been like going to button heaven! You found some really lovely ones!!
val said…
those are lovely! I don't live in an area where I can find buttons like that...which might be a good thing, I think I'd become obsessive!
Nan said…
Yes unbelievable all those buttons carded up like that. I have never in my life seen this many buttons in one place. Now here in Alaska I don't even see buttons unless I go to Jo Ann's 75 miles away. I buy a lot of my vintage ones on Etsy. You like the red doll house huh? I made that and if I ever get tired of it will keep you in mind!! Nan
So many special ones!
Glad to see you are having some luck.
I just got back from my holiday in England :-} HUGS Lorraine