Vintage Buttons

Recently I have been playing with my buttons. I made some more button bracelets.
An ivory-colored one:

A blue one:

Then I took some pictures of my metal buttons.
These are in one big plastic divided box:

There are some rhinestone ones:

Silver colored ones:

All mixed together:

These usually live in a big glass jar but they came out for a while to play:

Such a wonderful assortment.

These are some red enamel ones.

I don't remember where I got those. Probably in one button tin or the other.

Cute little bear ones:

These came in another button tin I bought a few months ago. They are twinkle backs.

I found out what they are called from a little book I bought recently. I know no more about them and don't really care. I just think they are sweet and I love to play with all buttons.
Come visit me here at Vintage Soul if you like buttons and like making things with them. I am always up to something.


blushing rose said…
How clever the bracelets, & pretty.
Have a warm snuggly autumn eve. TTFN ~Marydon
I love the bracelets so beautiful! I love buttons. Running my hands through my moms button container is one of my favorite memories. Hugs, Bobbi Jo
Anonymous said…
I just love those rhinestones and glitz! And, I am admiring those enamel buttons too. You have a really nice collection of buttons. Thank you for sharing your lovely bracelets and buttons.
OOps, sorry I did not mean to be anonymous. Barbara
Kudzu said…
i love rhinestone and mother of pearl buttons. those bracelets are beautiful! How cute is "BOO" !!! thanks for sharing!
Jennifer said…
I love the buttons! I really like the braclets!!! Do you sell them? I love the lace and pretty much everything about them!
Have a great day!
The bracelets are beautiful! What a creative and clever idea! I especially love the ivory one. Thank you for sharing this!

"Create Beauty" said…
OH MY GOODNESS!!! I love old and beautiful buttons too, and have been making a few things with them, I am so happy to have found this blog : ) ~ Violet
I really enjoyed all the vintage buttons in this post! great pictures
Sarah Sullivan said…
Oh these are wonderful - I adore buttons!! What wonderful ones you have! Oooooo..delighful! Sarah
Linda said…
What a wonderful button BOO posting. Happy Halloween. Lindax
oohh gorgeous buttons - i love rhinestone buttons ATM which is strange as i'm not a glitzy girl!
those winnie the pooh buttons are so sweet!
Barbara Jean said…
love that top white bracelet.

barbara jean
Nishant said…
You have a really nice collection of buttons

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