Fun at Glitterfest!

A couple of weekends ago, my friend Robin and I did an event called Glitterfest here in Southern Calif. (Santa Ana) It was wonderful! There were many well known artists vending and shopping and everyone had a great time....
I had several different items to sell but wanted to show you a couple that included buttons.
My biggest seller were my banners...these are collaged with lots of fun goodies...buttons included! I accidentally posted my pics out of order and for some reason blogger wont let me fix it tonite you will see a close up of one of the buttoned penants soon!

Here is my banner display:
And on the tiered plate display I made lavender sachets that were made with squares cut from sweaters and a button in the middle!

Here is one of the penants with a button......

Then of course I had to stop this shopper and get a picture of her button bracelet.just for you!..she makes them with buttons and safety pins:

All in all, it was a really fun event, lots of inspiration and I just wanted to share!
Hope you are having a spookily wonderful week! karen.....


Bluebell said…
Hello, I love all of your banners they are brilliant, such fun. I have to make 50metres of Bunting for my daughters wedding she wants it all around the reception area, the things we do for our kids. The bracelet of safety pins and buttons etc. is so pretty and such a good idea.Love all your idea's.
Love Jill
Abatevintage said…
Oh wow that looked like it would've been fun to attend. The buttons look great.

Robin said…
I'd like to join Button floozies, how do I do that?

Bettyann said…
Thank you for visiting my the banners..take care..
Suzy said…
Fabulous designs... I love your whimsical Holiday style!
Thank you so very much for your sweet comment on my recent post. I wanted you to know that I love the name of your blog. It makes me smile each time I come over to see you. I love the buttons that my Momma collected (I now have) and loose all sense of time when I go rooting around for a particular button.
Thank you again for being so sweet to leave a comment,
I'm so glad to find this charming site!! As a fellow button nut (I have jars, and jars, and jars, and jars of them) I cannot wait to explore all your inspiring and creative posts!
I too wish I could have been able to attend this quaint art affair...your works look great and your display was very inviting. I thought for many years I was the only compulsive button collector but now I know I am in good company. Sometimes I have difficulty making the decision which button I am willing to use and part you ever find yourself in this guilty predicament? Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
Robin said…
;) I always have a problem of what buttons to save and what ones to use.
I started a long ago tradition (my "baby" is 28) of sewing special buttons on the inside of my sons' coats. Sometimes it was a heart, later it would be a pewter wolf or Piglet....
Summer Gypsy said…
I love your banners!!! What a great idea!
GwendolynKay said…
Your banners are awsome and I love that bracelet! Looking at it , i never would have guessed safety pins!
p.s. I am going to post a link from my page to yours. your blog is so charming!
Anne Lorys said…
I want to be a button floozy, too. Where do I sign up? Such a cute blog, love it!
Best of luck in my giveaway!
All the best,
Anonymous said…
love the bangle!
great blog!
Tomorrow x
Elaine said…
Love the button article.. My daughter Gwen make me a bracelet out of old family buttons and I have made mayself a few pins. I will have to take pictures and post.
Janean said…
i can see why your banners with button sold! they're way cool.
these are lovely! love your blog!