for the love of buttons

I just blogged about these buttons.
Come on over!
I have a huge stash!
Some are even for sale!
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Jody Blue said…
now thats a button stash! and so organized
Anna Marie said…
Haha! Yes indeed. I like having them organized. So much more fun to look at when they are separated by color. Blessings! ;)
Laurie said…
Wow, you have lots of each type -- I have mine sorted by color but I have hardly any two that are alike! Lovely stash!
Anna Marie said…
I know! I hit the jackpot when I went to an estate sale. The elderly woman used to be a seamstress and her basement was nothing but fabric, buttons, seam binding, needles, etc. It was so neat! I bet your collection is fun to go through, seeing each unique button all its own.