Hello from Australia

Hello, my name is Leah from Australia, I will keep my post short and sweet, you can find out all about me here! I just love buttons, especially vintage ones and I'm very excited to be a part of this lovely group! These are some buttons I created myself, I LOVE covered buttons too! Leah


bluemuf said…
What beautiful covered buttons you have made.

Carol Beck said…
I love,love,love these buttons!!!
CaminĂ­n said…
WOW! These buttons are beautiful, they seem to be so soft!
Anonymous said…
Those are sooo cute! I have never tried covered buttons.
xashee's corner said…
your buttons are really BEAUTIFUL!! it's very nice to meet you! :D
WHat a great idea!! I love them. They're so "femmy".
RobinBirdsNest said…
Your covered buttons are so sweet! Welcome!
Hello Leah, so nice to meet you! I too love covered buttons and I see you love vintage chenille fabric?? :0) Your buttons are beautiful and have that wonderful shabby look. I have a collection of around 75 vintage chenille bedspreads....obviously, I'm a hopeless fabric junkie!
Hi Leah ~ I love all of your covered buttons, with the vintage chenille being my favorite. Well, I am Mimi from Mimi's Rose Chenille Boutique! I use them alot my my vintage chenille creations. These are lovely. I have about 275 spreads, talk about a chenilleholic! Please visit my blog, I am having a great giveaway this month and will be every month. I am following your blog and invite you to follow mine! How lovely, I love the name Button Floozies!! Mimi
Rhondamum said…
I think these are fabulous and if I owned them they would be one of my favs!
Oh, they are so very lovely!
Barbara Jean said…
Those buttons are just to delish!
Beautiful work.

Barbara Jean