My button tree

I know that it is already after Christmas, but I did not have a quiet moment to show you my button tree. So here it is:
All the best for all of you for the 2009!
Be happy, be creative, love and be loved!
Joanna (Cwasia)


Jenn said…
Wow Joanne, that's absolutely fabulous!!! What a gorgeous idea!
Neabear said…
That is so pretty! Could you give a tutorial on it? I am guessing you used a styrofoam cone underneath and pins and beads to attach the buttons. I love it. Could be done in green too.
Knitty said…
Ooooh! I love I this! I have a lot of white buttons and will store this idea!
Wow, fabbo! I think I am inspired!
Unknown said…
It's beautiful! Very striking.

I just took apart a button tree that I did a couple years back but never liked. I've come to the conclusion that they look best with just one color of button all over. Mine was pink and aqua and it just looked like a big ol' mess! Monochromatic is best.
Anonymous said…
That is lovely! Are they glued on or pinned on?
jenclair said…
Pretty, pretty, pretty!
misselaineous said…
the white button tree is really elegant! I have a TON of white buttons...guess i'll have to wait till next Christmas...thanks for sharing! *elaine*
cwasia said…
~*Jenn*~ - thank you :*

Neabear - thank you :*
A tutorial? Hmmm... it's quite simple: I used green florist's foam, then white cotton ribbon to cover the green, and then pins and beads to attach the buttons, starting from the bigger ones, then smaller and smaller....and that's it :)

Knitty - :*
I had a ot of white buttons, and I wanted White Christmas, so white was the colour of my choice :). Other colours would look great also, but I didn't have enough buttons.

The Queen of Fifty Cents - :*
Thank you very much!

Heidi - :* Thank you very much!
Could you show us a picture of your tree? I am very curious how it looked like in pink and aqua.

Barbara H. - :* Thank you very much! The buttons are only pinned on.

Jenclair - :* Thank you very much!

Misselaineous - :* Thank you very much!
Don't wait till next Christmas, do you tree now and show us!
tam said…
WoW! Love it! Very pretty!
Have a happy week! ~Smiles~Tam!
Your white tree is so beautiful! What a wonderful idea. And not only for Christmas. Think of how pretty a button tree with pink, purple, red or heart-shaped buttons would look for Valentine's Day ... or bunny and such shaped buttons for Easter. Oh the possibities are almost endless. You've gotten my creative juices flowing. Thanks so much for sharing!
xashee's corner said…
i absolutely LOVE your button tree!! Thank you so much for sharing such AWESOME inspiration! i, now, look forward to gathering up ALL & ANY white buttons around my house!! :D Hope you have a GREAT day!
marmee said…
it is stunning, glad you shared it even after christmas.
I LOVE this! It's beautiful! The all white truly let the buttons work their own little magic.
Joyfulsister said…
What a beautiful Tree!!! I was visiting blogs today and came across your beautiful blog. And the funny thing is I was asking friends about buttons today and behold I find your blog about buttons. Could you email at I would love to get your input about a question on buttons.

Aloha Lorie
Phyllis said…
Oh my gosh - that is BEEUTEEFULL!! This isn't a Christmas dec; it can be left out all year round!!! I might have to try making one myself. I bet your thumb got sore pushing all those pins in :)
Found you through A Mother Singing..OMG what a beautiful button tree!!! You are truly talented!!!!!!
lorhen82 said…
A blog devoted to buttons...I love it! Great photos!

OK, I am so jealous of all your buttons. I love buttons. Love the button trees too. Have a great day. I put you in my favorites so I can be sure to come back and see whats new.
Indigo Blue said…
So glad you popped by my blog. Saw this blog title and HAD to look. I think Christmas has just come back again. What fantastic butoons and photos. I am now a follower. Off to look at more!
Indigo Blue said…
Hi Me again, I would love to become a Button Floozie but I am in the UK and I can not use your email link. So can I give you
cwasia said…
Tam - Thank you :*

Marilee - thank you :*
So glad to hear I inspired you! Create and show us the results :)

Xashee's corner - thank you :*

Cate - thank you :*

Marmee - glad to hear that :*

Urban Farmhouse - thanks :*
I must say I'm quite proud of my tree :)

Joyfulsister - thank you :*
Blog was created by Abbie, I'm only one of the contributors.

Phyllis - thank you very much :* I'm quite proud of this tree, and I think it will stay on my shelf for some time :). Try to make your own, it is fun! And as the florist's foam is quite soft I'm OK :)

Colleen - thank you very much :*

Lorhen82 - thank you on behalf of Abbie as creator of this blog and on behalf of all contributing Button Floozies!

Seams to Sew and Quilt - thank you on behalf of Abbie and all Button Floozeies :*

Indigo Blue - thank you :*

Eleanor - thank you :*
Margie said…
I LOVE the button tree! It is so lovely using all white buttons!

Margie :)
banban said…
Thats very impressive!
Indigo Blue said…
This is lovely!! I like the fact that it is all a creamy colour and th epin heads a beads have light bouncing off them. Very clever.
Buttonchief7 said…
Recently I found this wonderful site. I am a Button lover, do many things with buttons, my scottie is named Button. I would Love to become a Button Floozie!!!!!
Thank you,
Peggy aka ButtonQueen
MarysMadness said…
Beautiful! And even better, I have a styrofoam tree in the garage! Wish me luck in trying this out!
Mrs Rainbow said…
This is simple and elegant. I think what really ties it together well is the fact that each button set is finished off with the same type of bead. Ingenius!
aubie1965 said…
Where can you buy buttons in bulk? Thanks so much.