Those button grab bags at thrift shops

At thrift shops near me, those button grab bags have become very expensive!  (Don't even get me started on the prices for a variety of really common buttons at an antique store sometimes...)
But if they're cheap I grab them up for the thrill of the hunt.  This time, I lucked out when I found all these pretty glass buttons amongst the extra button envelopes in one of the bags.  Especially those little deer!


Queeniepatch said…
If it is a charity shop, a charity you want to support, you can always buy a bag of buttons, sort out the ones you like and give the common ones back to the shop as YOUR contribution to the good cause.
This time you found some dear (cute) deer buttons. Congratulations!
Naomi said…

Those little deer buttons are darling! You really did luck out. I think everything in thrift shops has gone up in recent months. I was at a local Volunteers of America thrift store yesterday and I was shocked at finding hardly anything for a dollar or less. I suppose they have to keep up with rising costs of doing business. To be fair, our Volunteers store has a half off sale once a month and you can get great deals if you go to that.

Thanks for sharing your nice little button find. You got some unique ones.