Playing In My Studio

I haven't played with my buttons for some time now and trying to rearrange them from all the jars and boxes they are in.
 I sewed these buttons on a heavy piece of cotton lace once to make a sash
 Still love my buttons

Hope you are all off to playing/ enjoying  your studio creations also.
I am going next weekend on a hunt for more in southern Missouri. If you know any great places to shop vintage let me know 


BarbaraH. said…
Your buttons are just beautiful! I love going through my buttons, too. So many wonderful things made long ago.
Queeniepatch said…
Each and every button is a gem!
Laurie said…
Janice one of these days I'm going to visit family in Missouri and you and I are going to meet! I can't wait!
Janie said…
Where in Missouri are you?
Summer Gypsy said…
You know the best thrift stores, Laurie. 25 cents for those hearts? Shut the door! :)
It has been too long since I stopped in!
I do love buttons, but only have a few jars full. But most of the ones I do have are either from my grandma or my late-husbands grandma; so that makes them meaningful as well~
I use them on my (mostly) card creations and scrapbook things.
You have so many beautiful one's featured hereon the lace! What a great stash! TFS karen o
Laurie said…
Good to see you Karen!
Little late answering Janie however I am in Columbia Missouri
French Ethereal said…
LOVE your button collection!!! I have a few Victorian black crocheted buttons and keep them for a future special project. Some buttons I have collected from when I worked at a sewing store called Suburban Yardage in Sacamento, CA back in the early 1980's. Happy that I can now use a few for our future grandchild for cute clothing!!!

Enjoy your lovely collection and I do think the Bausch and Lomb boxes will look pretty painted or papered. <3

Barb :)