Hi my name is Debbie . I have been reading this blog for a l-o-n-g time, I even did a swap a few
years back.  Like most of us here I started loving buttons when I was a kid. My grandma had a dress that had little black buttons with rhinestones in the middle of them. I thought those buttons were so cool and that's when I fell in love. I love to meet other button lovers and hope to make some new button friends.


Laurie said…
Welcome Debbie! We're so happy to have you! I could have a lot of fun going through those button jars of yours!
I have some of those black buttons with rhinestones also. It amazes me that
several hours pass before you know it....just rummaging through my old tins full of vintage buttons to find the perfect one to make me happy today.
Pat S. from Lebanon
Anonymous said…
Come on over ladies bring your buttons, I will make some ice tea and we will talk buttons all day :-)
Pat S. it's nice to meet another Missouri button lover . I live in Mountain View .

I live in Lebanon, Pensylvania, but lived in Hermann, MO as a child.
Laurie said…
OMG, we had our honeymoon in Hermann! Long story...!
Unknown said…
Thank goodness I'm not anonymous anymore...Think I got this
figured out.
Hermann, MO is a neat place especially in he fall.
Laurie you can tell us the Long Story when you all come over,
we have our tea and go through buttons.
Naomi said…

My name is Naomi and I think I have always been a Button Floozie, too. In fact, I just bought a collection of stuff I didn't need or want at an auction because there was a tin of buttons with it! Unfortunately, I didn't look in the tin before I bid and it turned out there weren't many buttons at all. Oh, well, I'll be more careful next time! By the way, does anyone want to buy two (ugly) lamps, an old three-hole paper punch and some old wooden letter organizers?? Just tho't I'd ask? Actually, I'd probably just give that stuff away if someone would take it off my hands!
I'm still working on a flow chart to figure it out.

I live in Columbia Mo and have collected buttons before I knew I was collecting buttons I just thought they were to pretty to be thrown away at sales etc
Oh yes we all know where Herman Missouri is
so nice to see comments
Unknown said…
Namoi or how about buy a jar of buttons and all that's in it is buttons cut of work shirts......I've got jars and jars of these buttons.
Curtains in My Tree I've read your blog for several years and I think I've even commented on it a time of two. Nice meeting all you guys and looking forward to many button conversations .
Unknown said…
Thank You everyone for all the warm Welcomes :-)