Roosters everwhere!!

I uploaded these pics a while ago and never did the post.  Found these buttons at an antique show New Years day in Glastonbury CT.   I am making a quilt using a damaged quilt top that I am recycling and was looking for buttons for it and found these.

I Love the blue baby face button, right above it the tennis player button, and the Victorian pressed glass buttons. 
Another dealer had a small box of rooster buttons in a variety of colors and sizes.  He wanted $25 for the lot.  I just wanted a couple and he said I could take a "couple for free"!  I had a real hard time deciding and finally said would you take $20 for the box ... he said yes!   Can't imagine where these buttons came from.  Some kind of a promotion maybe?
For some reason they tickled my fancy!  Had to have them.  They are being incorporated into my quilt which I have named aptly "Cock-a-doodle-doo".
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Laurie said…
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Laurie said…
Those roosters are so much fun! What a great bunch of buttons you found. Wow, I love that blue glass baby face!!
so so sweet! I like the blue glass face button!