Germany Buttons

I am lucky enough to know a family from Missouri who has lived in Munich Germany many years and come to Missouri once a year to visit family. Anyway Carl is a book collector and seller of antique books so he always brings me books because I love books also. Mostly he has brought me antique German Bibles from 1700-1800's.
He did great this year and brought me a book on buttons. I can't read it however the pictures are wonderful. This is the cover of the book.
 How I would love to have these black buttons with the gold trim, gorgeous
 I like the black and white contrast also of these buttons
 This is the wonderful glass buttons he brought me and I love them ,they are still attached to the material from where he purchased them

I hope you enjoy looking at these, can anyone out there year these German words? 



Lily said…
Hi Janice, it looks gorgeous! The Book is about buttons and their usage (subtitle) and the other page introduces the chapter about how to choose buttons - looks like a real treasure, congrats!
Kind regards from (the german speaking part of) Switzerland, Lily
Naomi said…

Yumm! I love the glass ones and the black and white ones. I just read a tutorial giving directions for making a bracelet out of sparkly rhinestone buttons. So now I must be on the hunt for vintage rhinestone buttons!

I love reading your blog and seeing the buttons you find. Where do think is the best place to hunt for vintage buttons? Flea markets? Maybe antique stores? Or thrift stores? I bet auctions, too. Did I just answer my own question?! No, 'cause I want your experience and opinion on finding them.

Happy New Year!
Peg said…
you can buy the same book in English.. The Book of Buttons By Joyce Whittemore
abebooks for less than $4.00

Naomi Yes you answered your own question. I always ask my older lady friends also if they have any buttons they don't want.
My last wonderful buttons I found at the Missouri Button Show in a box you dig through for 50 cents to $10 according which box your digging through. I got carried away and bought $3.00 buttons

Thanks Peg that is good to know. This person just knew I loved old buttons and got this book for me which I really appreciated