Missouri Button Show

For the first time I attended the Missouri Button Club show at Lake of The Ozarks in Missouri.
I really enjoyed seeing all the different priced buttons. From one dollar for the mother of pearl buttons up to $495 button for one of a kind ceramic button of maybe Marie Antoinette face on it or a King or Lord ? or some past Queen. Of course the $495 dollar buttons were on cards not in a pole box.
It was so entertaining to dig through all the poke boxes from $1 up to $10 a button.I found everything I liked in the $3 poke box. I had never noticed this kind of button before,they really caught my eye


They are like a knot I found them so interesting 

I love how they are twisted 

 I just love the designs
 One of the ladies that went with me is from Columbia Missouri and Pamela came down from Iowa to go with us
Thanks for looking. If you know their name please let me know. I know they are a celluloid button 


Laurie said…
Oh, they are extruded buttons, aren't they so much fun? You got some great ones! I'm glad you got to go; button shows are amazing (especially the shopping!)
Tami Hacker said…
Extruded Celluloid buttons...one of my favorite button types too! You found some great ones! So glad you were able to make the show!
AWESOME twisted buttons!