Latest button gift

A friend of mine had a large amount of vintage  buttons given to her and after she picked out the ones she wanted she gave me these.
I sorted them yesterday in the jars or assorted colors  I have in the studio. I mostly like the white and mother of pearl buttons
 These buttons are very light weight, not plastic, I don't know what they are?
 It's the perfect day to play with buttons since it is cloudy and raining


NICE LOT of buttons...I am not sure what the 1st group is made of.

i have attached this link because I have several of those buttons and I searched for a LONG time to find that information --- I may be wrong, but many of mine have broken down and crazed and that leads me to think this may be the material ---

Have a wonderful day
Naomi said…
Oh, those buttons, how they make my mouth water! I just bid on some on a local on-line auction but I had to leave the house during the final bidding and someone out-bid me. So sad! Oh, well, I know there will be more somewhere in the future. I especially like the white and pearl ones, too.

Happy button-sorting!
Laurie said…
Piles of button fun! Thanks for posting!